The BOP Polytech re-branded to Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology in 2017. As part of this re-brand they decided to also change their way-finding signage around campus. But rather than just re-placing like for like, they tasked us with developing a whole new way-finding system for their Windermere campus, which upon success would be rolled out to their other campuses around the Bay of Plenty.


Visiting the three main campuses and developing a succinct plan took us a total of 57 man-hours. We decided to take a staggered approach to way-finding:
  1. Maps at all natural landing points (next to car-parks, bus-stops),
  2. General signage at entrances or choke-points,
  3. More detailed signage on campus itself, with a mixture of directional and building signage.

The signs were designed in keeping with Toi Ohomai's brand, which called for black and white colours and rectangular boxes where possible.

The first campus now has a total of 72 way-finding signs (down from over a hundred as per the client's request) and both students and staff alike are thrilled about the clean look and easy usability of the new system.


The client is so happy that they have put us in charge of the way-finding signage for their Rotorua campus after Easter and their Taupo campus will be next. We are very proud of our achievement, which has taken many months until completion, but the overall result and the client's praise make it all worth it.